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Where to Find the Best Country Pubs in Victoria

If you’re travelling around the state of Victoria, there’s no doubt at some point you’re going to need to make a stop for a rock-solid parma, or a pot of the coldest beer available—and for that, you’re going to need a pub. And why not get one at one of the best country pubs in Victoria?

We’ve set out to find the best country pubs in Victoria, a place for you to fill your belly, to have a chat with some locals that know what’s what, or just to take a load off. These country pubs are the meeting place of their town.

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So, let’s get straight into it. These are the best country pubs in Victoria.

Healesville Hotel

If you happen to be having a conversation about the best country pubs in Victoria, no doubt eventually you’ll end up having a yarn about the Healesville Hotel.

Situated in picturesque Healesville in the Yarra Valley, the Healesville Hotel dates back to the late 1800s and has many stories to tell.

On the menu, you’ll find a range of seasonal ingredients that make up the dishes to tear into. Locally sourced items include vegetables from Timbarra Farm, cheese from Stone & Crow Cheese Company, and rainbow trout from Buxton Farm.

There’s also accommodation on site, you can book here.

Ocean View Hotel

If you’re looking for the best view from a country pub in Victoria, you can’t go past the Ocean View Hotel in Kilcunda.

Looking out over Bass Strait, the Ocean View Hotel can be found right on Bass Highway and has been keeping the locals, and many holidaymakers lubricated for years.

When you’re there, give the La Pampas – Argentinian BBQ Chicken a run, it’s the chef’s recipe and is sure to keep you going for a while.

Book a night’s stay here.

Macalister Hotel

The Macalister Hotel is Maffra’s oldest running business. And aside from parts that were rebuilt after a fire in 1922, there are areas of the pub that have been in use for 150 years.

The Macalister Hotel should definitely be on your list of country pubs to visit in Victoria, its location on the Macalister River make it perfect for a few later afternoon pots.

We recommend getting stuck into the Thursday night Pot & Parma deal, or the Sunday roast pork lunch special.

The pub also provides a courtesy bus to get you back to your accommodation safely.

It’s also nearby Lake Glenmaggie which is a great spot to waterski.

Thoona Pub

Thoona is a town of just 127 people (according to the 2016 Census) so the Thoona Pub holds a fair bit of significance when it comes to the town.

You’re definitely going to find a throwback at this country pub. “Country hospitality in a relaxed, laid back family-friendly environment” is what you can expect, alongside a selection of wines from nearby Glenrowan, King Valley, and Rutherglen.

There’s plenty of grog on tap, and there’s also space behind the pub where you can set up camp either with your tent, campervan, or caravan.

Meals are available at lunch Tuesday to Sunday at 12pm until 2pm, and dinner is Tuesday to Saturday between 6pm and 8pm.

Find out more about the Thoona Pub here.

Patchewollock Hotel

Another from the small town files, Patchewollock is definitely home to one of the best country pubs in Victoria.

The Patchewollock Hotel serves a population of just 133 and has been serving thirsty locals since it opened in 1940.

The pub is most famous for the ‘Wyperfield steak’, named after the nearby Wyperfield National Park. The Wyperfield steak consists of a juice scotch fillet, which has two fried eggs thrown on top. Ideal.

Find out more about the Patchewollock Hotel here.

Buffalo Hotel

You’ll find the Buffalo Hotel just off the Great Alpine Road in Myrtleford on the way through the high country to Bright.

The pub has a recently renovated bistro, and friendly staff who are keen to get your hunger and thirst sorted as soon as possible.

Seniors get a free banana split apparently. Seems like as good a reason to take Nan as any.

Find out more about the Buffalo Hotel here.

More of the best country pubs in Victoria worth checking out:

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