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Everywhere to Waterski and Wakeboard in Victoria

The sun blasts down, turning the water into a shimmering diamond highway, and the engine’s purr vibrates with a promise of pure, unadulterated fun. Welcome to Victoria, where waterskiing isn’t just a leisurely pastime, it’s an epic adventure in every glistening drop.

From the Murray River’s meandering majesty to the Gippsland Lakes’ secret coves, Victoria’s waterskiing scene is a kaleidoscope of adrenaline-pumping thrills and serene glides. Whether you’re a seasoned slalom slayer carving razor-sharp turns or a first-timer wobbly on two sticks, there’s a watery playground waiting to embrace you. Think heart-pounding slalom runs, graceful wakeboarding tricks, and even the chilled-out joy of cruising behind the boat, soaking in the sun-drenched panorama.

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This isn’t just a geographical guide; it’s your backstage pass to a vibrant watersports community. Picture friendly rivalries on slalom courses, the shared euphoria of mastering a new trick, and the post-skiing camaraderie around crackling campfires. Forget wistful musings, this is a sun-kissed invitation to unleash your inner water warrior, to paint your own story on the ever-shifting canvas of Victorian waterways.

So grab your board, sunscreen your grin, and prepare to waltz across the waves. This is an aquatic odyssey fueled by good vibes, sun-soaked skin, and the irresistible call of the open water. Buckle up, thrill-seekers, Victoria’s waterskiing paradise awaits.

The Murray

If waterskiing is your religion, then Lake Mulwala is your Mecca. Nestled in the heart of Victoria, this shimmering oasis pulsates with an infectious fervour for all things aquatic. The crown jewel is, of course, the legendary Mulwala Waterski Club—a sun-drenched haven for shredders of all stripes. From seasoned slalom masters slicing through the water like silver blades to wide-eyed newbies wobbling on two sticks, the club fosters a spirit of camaraderie that’s as warm as the Aussie sun. And when the skis are racked and the adrenaline ebbs, fear not, fellow watersports enthusiast! The club transforms into a buzzing social hub, where post-shred stories are swapped over sizzling snags and frosty beverages, often punctuated by the hilarious cacophony of bingo nights.

But Mulwala’s watery playground isn’t just for die-hard skiers. Tranquility seekers can glide across the mirrored surface on a stand-up paddleboard, soaking in the serene beauty of the surrounding landscape. And for the adrenaline junkies out there, there’s always the heart-stopping, sky-high thrill of flyboarding—rocket-propelled water acrobatics that defy gravity and common sense (in the best way possible!).

Whether you’re a gnarly grinder chasing epic runs or a laid-back soul-seeking aquatic zen, Lake Mulwala has a wave (or two) waiting to sweep you off your feet. So pack your board, sunscreen your smile, and prepare to surrender to the infectious Mulwala Mania! Just remember, the good vibes are as legendary as the waterskiing, so come ready to share the lake, the stories, and maybe even a bingo card or two.

Major towns nearby: Mulwala, Yarrawonga, Wahgunyah.

Lake Eildon

Forget cramped pools and elbow-to-elbow crowds. When it comes to waterskiing nirvana, Lake Eildon throws open its arms (or rather, its vast 3,800km² expanse) and whispers, “Go big, or go home.” This freshwater behemoth isn’t just a lake; it’s a liquid playground where water sports dreams take flight. Unleash your inner slalom samurai on glassy stretches that stretch forever, carving turns so sharp they could cut diamonds. Wakeboarders can paint their own aerial art across the mirror canvas, defying gravity with gravity-defying tricks. Even kneeboarders and tube-toting thrill-seekers have room to revel in the spray and sunshine.

But the beauty of Eildon lies not just in its size, but in its versatility. For a change of pace, swap the board for a houseboat, transforming the lake into your own floating kingdom. Cruise at sunset, soak in the starry expanse from your private deck, and wake up to a panorama that begs for an early-morning dip. Whether you crave white-knuckled adrenaline or sun-kissed tranquility, Eildon’s liquid symphony caters to every aquatic whim.

So pack your gear, fuel your wanderlust, and dive headfirst into the boundless freedom of Lake Eildon. Remember, with great expanse comes great responsibility—respect fellow adventurers, share the watery bounty, and leave nothing but footprints (or wakes, as it were) in your wake. Now go forth and conquer this aquatic odyssey, because at Eildon, the only limit is your imagination (and maybe the occasional rogue wave).

Major towns nearby: Eildon, Alexandra, Mansfield.

Lake Nagambie

Lake Nagambie isn’t just a pretty body of water—it’s a haven for waterskiing devotees, a dedicated playground carved out just off the mighty Goulburn River. Imagine this: a shimmering expanse reserved solely for carving up the surface, slicing through the water like a silver bullet, chased by the roar of your boat’s engine and the cheers of your crew. That’s the magic of Nagambie’s designated waterskiing zone, a sanctuary for shredders of all stripes.

But hold on, thrill-seekers, that’s not all. The Goulburn River itself whispers enticing promises of aquatic adventures. You can carve your own watery path through designated sections, leaving a trail of spray and adrenaline in your wake. Just remember, navigating the river requires a bit more map-savvy than simply pointing the boat and going.

So, whether you’re a seasoned slalom slayer or a first-timer testing the waters, Nagambie beckons with open arms (and waves!). Pack your board, sunscreen your smile, and prepare to unleash your inner aquatic warrior.

Major towns nearby: Nagambie, Seymour, Heathcote, Murchison.

Lake Nillahcootie

Forget the well-trodden tourist traps. Lake Nillahcootie, nestled 36km south of Benalla, is a secret whispered amongst waterskiing aficionados. Don’t let its understated beauty fool you; this man-made marvel, born in 1967 to quench Victoria’s thirst, has transformed into a watery playground brimming with aquatic allure.

Picture glassy mornings where the mist hangs low, the water mirroring the sky like a perfect slate awaiting your carving blade. Slalom runs become ballets across the stage, each turn etching a story into the liquid canvas. Wakeboarders paint their own aerial artistry, defying gravity with spray-laden pirouettes. Even novice adventurers can dip their toes into the thrill, gracefully gliding on water skis or exploring the coves on a leisurely boat cruise.

But Nillahcootie’s charm extends beyond the adrenaline rush. Its sheltered bays offer tranquil havens for picnics and sun-drenched relaxation. Imagine casting a line into the water while kids build sandcastles on the shore, laughter echoing across the still air. As the sun dips low, painting the sky in fiery hues, fire up the barbie and share stories under a blanket of stars.

Ditch the crowds and embrace the serene allure of Nillahcootie. Pack your gear, sunscreen your sense of adventure, and prepare to unlock the secrets held within this watery gem. Remember, with every ripple and wave, Nillahcootie whispers a message: slow down, soak it in, and create your own aquatic symphony. This is more than just a lake; it’s an invitation to discover the unexpected, the quiet exhilaration of carving your own path on a hidden slice of Victoria’s watery bounty.

Major towns nearby: Mansfield, Benalla.

Lake Eppalock

Forget the gentle murmur of serenity. Lake Eppalock, nestled just outside Bendigo, is a siren song for adrenaline junkies and watersports enthusiasts. This untamed beauty boasts the liberating lack of a speed limit (except within 5m of the shore), transforming it into a playground for wakeboarders who paint the sky with gravity-defying tricks, slalom masters slicing through the diamond-flecked surface, and waterskiers carving up their own aquatic symphonies.

But Eppalock’s allure extends beyond the thrill of speed. For anglers, its depths hum with the promise of Murray cod, golden perch, and the elusive trout. Cast a line from the shore or glide across the mirror in a kayak, the tranquil beauty of the surrounding woodlands reflected in the still water.

And when the sun dips low, casting long shadows across the water, Eppalock’s magic transcends the aquatic. Pitch your tent under a canopy of stars, the scent of pine mingling with the campfire’s smoky sweetness. Swap stories of epic runs and close encounters with the deep, laughter echoing across the still air.

Major towns nearby: Heathcote, Bendigo, Harcourt, Redesdale.

Image credit: Ben Tyers

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