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About The Local Rag

Too often these days you find news online focussed on the cities, but there are so many stories to tell from beyond the metro area. And that’s exactly what The Local Rag does.

We take a look at the local legends, the places to go, the history, and the animals that make the rural areas of our state some of the best places to visit.

It’s an easy read, so jump in and have a look around.

External view of the Cosmopoilitan Hotel in Trentham.

What does The Local Rag cover?

Basically, anything outside of your suburban train lines will land on The Local Rag’s radar.

We cover everything from the best places to stay in regional areas, the best pubs, best food, best drink, best tours—you get the picture.

Right now we’re mostly covering Victoria, New South Wales, and Tasmania. But as things kick off we’ll put more effort into South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia, the ACT, and the Northern Territory. All of regional Australia is right in our wheelhouse.

Wilsons Promontory National Park
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