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Take Your Taste Buds to the U.S with Red Gum BBQ’s Monthly Subscription Box

Red Gum BBQ, a leading name in bringing authentic southern-style BBQ to Australia, has introduced an exciting new creation – the Red Gum BBQ Southern-style BBQ Subscription Box. This unique offering invites food enthusiasts and BBQ aficionados to embark on a flavorful journey that captures the essence of the American South. Timed perfectly for Father’s Day, this monthly subscription box makes for a special gift, celebrating the rich BBQ traditions while creating memorable moments with friends and family.

Central to the Red Gum BBQ Subscription Box is an appreciation for authenticity and culture. Using ethically sourced, free-range, grass-fed, and premium ingredients, each box offers a genuine taste of the American South’s distinct flavours. With subscription plans available for three, six, and twelve months, subscribers can indulge in a culinary adventure that pays homage to the heart of BBQ tradition.


Each thoughtfully curated Red Gum BBQ Subscription Box includes an array of smoked meats, sides, and captivating narratives. Rooted in the heritage of the American South, every box not only delivers delicious dishes but also shares stories, insights, and histories of BBQ from the region. Subscribers receive valuable tips and tasting notes from co-owner and pitmaster, Martin Goffin, ensuring they enjoy every component to the fullest.

Beyond the subscription box, Red Gum BBQ has garnered attention for its exceptional products. The brand proudly announces recent wins at the 2023 Melbourne Royal Australian Food Awards. Grandma Mildred’s Gold Sauce secured silver in the savoury sauce category, while Aunt Vic’s Hot Sauce earned a Bronze for chilli sauces. Melissa Goffin, Red Gum’s Business Owner, expressed delight, emphasizing the brand’s dedication to quality.

The Melbourne Royal Australian Food Awards provide Red Gum BBQ with a platform to showcase its commitment to excellence. The brand has grown from local pop-ups, markets, and festivals to finding a home within the vibrant community of Red Hill, Mornington Peninsula. Further expansion is on the horizon, with a new outlet, Red Gum At Home, set to open in Seaford.

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