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Open House Bendigo Is Back This October

With a severe lack of event announcements of late, I was very excited to see news of the return of Open House Bendigo float across my desk. Open House Bendigo will run across Saturday 23 October and Sunday 24 October and will showcase more than 20 public projects which include buildings, spaces, and programs.

Ideally, all of Victoria will be open and visitors from all around the state can visit the 2021 version of Open House Bendigo.

“We look forward to Open House Bendigo shining a light on spaces of architectural excellence, be it significant heritage sites, or contemporary design. The program also aims to create a sense of civic pride in our changing urban environment.”

While there, you’ll have the chance to check out Bendigo’s amazing examples of boom-style architecture, and the remarkable social history of the Bendigo area.

Open House Bendigo highlights include:

  • Bendigo Town Hall
  • Ulumbarra Theatre
  • The Capital
  • MacKenzie Quarters

Check out the full program on the Open House website.


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