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Tag: railway

Victorian Railways H220, the largest locomotive produced in Victoria.
The Tumultuous Life of ‘Heavy Harry’
In the annals of Australian railway history, there stands a formidable giant, a true testament to the ingenuity and ambition of the Victorian Railways – the H class steam locomotive, affectionately known as "Heavy Harry." Among its kin, H220 emerged as the largest non-articulated steam locomotive ever built in Australia and held the title of…
Shipping containers strewn across the Melbourne to Adelaide railway corridor following a derailment near Inverleigh, Victoria.
A Freight Train Has Derailed Near Inverleigh
A train has derailed near Inverleigh, Victoria on the Melbourne to Adelaide railway corridor west of Geelong. The incident occurred between Inverleigh and Gheringhap around 5:30am on Monday 14 November. Sixteen wagons derailed and are strewn across the tracks and the railway reserve. "There's at least 20 containers just everywhere and Inverleigh itself is pretty…
Two New Railway Stations Open in Bendigo
It's been 68 years since a train has stopped at the Victoria railway station of Huntly, but as of last weekend that has been reset. Two new stations, Huntly and Raywood, have opened near Bendigo, giving residents the chance to catch trains from their local community rather than travelling to Bendigo station. “This is a…
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