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An aerial view of the Beechworth Asylum, considered one of the most haunted places in Australia
Australia’s Most Haunted Regional Places
Dark tourism came to the fore in the mid-90s and has continued to gain momentum over the past two decades. People love nothing more than visiting the sight of some past historical horror and discovering the macabre details of what happened.  While Australia isn’t known as a haven for those interested in dark tourism, although…
The Best Pubs on the Yorke Peninsula
The Yorke Peninsula, commonly referred to as ‘Yorkes’ by South Aussies, is another spectacular area of South Australia dominated by 700 kilometres of stunning coastline. Like most coastal regions, Yorkes is famed for its seafood, spectacular beaches and water activities, with tourists flocking to towns such as Wallaroo, Ardrossan, Port Vincent and Marion Bay during…
A wide external view of the Tumby Bay Hotel on South Australia's Eyre Peninsula.
The Best Pubs on the Eyre Peninsula
Named after explorer Edward John Eyre, South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula is a triangle-shaped area best known for its aquatic activities. Home to Australia’s seafood frontier, the coastline produces world-famous oysters and freshly caught fish served straight from the ocean at a multitude of restaurants along the beautiful coast.  With the Spencer Gulf to the east,…
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