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A wide view of the front of the Black Stump Hotel in Merriwagga, New South Wales.
Inside the Iconic Pub With the Tallest Bar in the Southern Hemisphere
The Black Stump Hotel, an unassuming pub in Merriwagga, New South Wales is shrouded in outback mythology and local folklore. There’s the tale of how the pub got its name; a woman named Barbara Blaine who burned alive in 1886 in the area, whose husband reportedly said “looked like a black stump”, or it could be because the surrounding area is known colloquially as “Black…
Gold Prospecting in Victoria, Where to Strike it Rich
The allure of gold has captivated humanity for millennia. In Australia, the discovery of gold in Victoria in 1851 triggered a historic gold rush, forever shaping the state's social and economic landscape. Today, Victoria remains a popular destination for recreational gold prospecting, also known as fossicking. Recent years have seen a significant increase in gold…
The best country pubs for sale in Australia
Country Pubs For Sale in Australia Right Now
Many of us have dreamed of owning and tending bar at our very own pub in the country. And that reality could come true sooner rather than later if you buy one of these country pubs for sale right now. Country pubs in Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania, and the rest of Australia can often…
Victorian Railways H220, the largest locomotive produced in Victoria.
The Tumultuous Life of ‘Heavy Harry’
In the annals of Australian railway history, there stands a formidable giant, a true testament to the ingenuity and ambition of the Victorian Railways – the H class steam locomotive, affectionately known as "Heavy Harry." Among its kin, H220 emerged as the largest non-articulated steam locomotive ever built in Australia and held the title of…
A collection of the best history books about Australia.
The Best Books About Australian History
G'day, below we're letting you know about products we love, and that we'd recommend you buy. In buying the products below, please know that we may receive a commission which in turn supports The Local Rag to continue doing what we do best. The history of the continent of Australia is long, and not without…
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