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In Search of the Mixed Grill
It is completely and utterly naff to start with the dictionary term for the subject you're writing about, but in the case of the mixed grill, it does bring some context. a dish consisting of various items of grilled food, typically bacon, sausages, tomatoes, and mushrooms When I was a kid, you couldn't walk into…
A beer with the word 'Noodledoof' on it from Noodledoof Brewery & Distillery in Koroit, Victoria.
Take a Load off at Koroit’s Noodledoof
The western Victorian town of Koroit might not be the last place you'd expect to find a brewery and distillery, but it has to be close. Noodledoof is a restaurant, brewery, and distillery right on the main street of Koroit inside an old mechanics building. Koroit is pretty much smack bang if the middle if…
Dishes on a table at 400 Gradi Mildura
Mildura Welcomes 400 Gradi To Town
Renowned pizza maker and restauranteur, Johnny Di Francesco, has just opened the latest 400 Gradi location—its seventh—in regional Victorian centre Mildura. “Mildura is a special city situated at the heart of Victorian agriculture, with high-quality food and wine offerings throughout the region. We are honoured to open our first venue in Mildura and cannot wait to work…
Pictures of Tatura, and Western Star 7g butter portions.
The Simple Pleasure Of Portioned Butter
Tiny, pre-portioned butter. There's a beautiful simplicity of sitting down to breakfast at a roadside motel, roadhouse, or cafe and being served toast with two packets of foil-wrapped individual butter portions. 7 grams appears to be the optimum amount of butter to spread across a single piece of toasted sourdough bread. I can't even imagine…

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